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There are various Netflix plan India based on users choice. You can choose either for one screen or multiple. Read more to know about most valuable plans, budget plan, single user plan, plan to share with friends, and most importantly which one you should chose.

Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 183 million paid memberships across 190 countries. It contains TV series, documentation, and feature film among a wide variety of genres. It has a bunch of content for every section of its viewers. here we are with a detailed comparison of all Netflix plans in India as well as other countries.

What is Netflix

netflix plan india
NETFLIX | Netflix plan India

Yes, this is just a formality question, I’m sure you know about it. So, for the sake of knowledge lets discuss about its origin and some interesting facts about its name and all.

Netflix, Inc is an American media-service company provider. It has been leading the way for digital content since 1997. It was founded by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. Yes, since 1997 and in the last few years we Indians get to learn about this online streaming platform. Netflix was originally called KIBBLE until they could decide on a permanent name. They started as a DVD rental and now they provide their own content. it’s a long journey they travel.

One of the biggest challenges that we had, which I think is also one of the things we did very well, is recognize very early on that if we were going to be successful, we had to come up with a premise for the company that was delivery agnostic. But if we were to come out and say, ‘This is all about downloading or streaming,’ and we said that in 1997 and ’98, that would have been equally disastrous. So we had to come up with a positioning which transcends the medium.

Marc Randolph,

co-founder and first CEO of Netflix

netflix chart

Their hard work paid throughout the year. Their growth rate is continuously increasing instead of an increase in competition.

You can watch anywhere, anytime, on an Unlimited number of devices. Sign in with your Netflix account to watch instantly on the web at Netflix.com from your personal computer. Devices that offer the Netflix app, including TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media players, and game console.

You can install an app from the play store in android, or apple store in iOS, or from the windows store for PC. They Provide a month free trial but they charge you automatically if you didn’t delete your account. If you are planning to enjoy Netflix Free Trial then keep the dates in mind and cancel before the period of trail ends. But it is better to enjoy by spending few money instead of using some illegal steps. So here we are with the Netflix plan in India.

Subscription Details: –

  1. Mobile Plan: –

    Netflix’s Mobile plan lets us access the TV shows, web series, and movies from Netflix on only a single tablet or mobile device at one time in Standard Definition. it let us download titles and does not support casting or mirroring. This is a great idea by which Netflix has come up. If you can not afford high Subscription Plans then go for this. You will get the same level of enjoyment and there is no restriction on entertainment.

            Note: – Supports android devices with Android OS 5.0(lollipop) and above, and on iOS, iOS 12.0 or higher.

It costs Rs 199/month (1 screen)

Rs 2,388/year (1 screen)

2. Basic Plan: –

Basic plans let us access the shows, web series, and all on a single device at one time in Standard Definition. This too let us download the shows and titles.

It costs Rs 500/month (1 screen)

Rs 5,988/year (1 screen)

3. Standard Plan:

Standard plan lets us access the tv shows, web series, movies, and all on two devices at a single time in High Definition. Also let us download the shows.

It costs Rs 649/month (2 screens)

Rs 7,788/year (2 screens)

4. Premium Plan:

Netflix’s Premium plan lets us access tv shows, web series, movies, and all on Four devices at a single time in High Definition and Ultra High Definition. Also let us download the shows.

It costs Rs 799/month (4 screens)

Rs 9,588/year (4 screens)

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Step By Step Guidance

Step 1: – Open Netflix.com and sign in if you have an account. If Not then follow next step.

netflix plan india
Netflix plan India | Login Details

Step 2: – Enter your email to start.

Netflix plan India

Step 3: – Now you will get option to select plans. So, select your plan according to your need.

Step 4: – After selection, continue on by creating your password.

Netflix platform
netflix plan india
Netflix account
Netflix plan India | Password

Step 5: – The last step will be to enter card details. After that you get to enjoy one month free plan.

Netflix payment
Netflix plan India | Payment Details

Netflix Payment option

what to see, After Purchasing plan ??

I know you must have tons of names on your list. if not then we have collected some magnificent list of web series and reviewed them. As we had also watched tons of web series from different platforms like Amazon, Hotstar, TVF, etc. And collected best for you. But it should be completely your choice. Here we are dropping most watched contents list which was announced by Netflix last year.

Most watched Web Series on Netflix: –

  • Stranger Things :- It is at the top and it deserves to be at that position. The overall view of this TV Series is about 64 million. It is a delight to watch this series because of the thrill and sci-fi genre. 
  • The Umbrella Academy:- This is again a sci-fi TV Series with time travel concept and lots more. Full of fun and enjoyment. It also deserves to be on the top. It has 45 million views on Netflix.
  • La Casa de Papel: – One of my most favorite web series. It is a Spanish TV series but also dubbed in English. Its 4th season had released a few months ago. I can guarantee that when you will start watching it then you gonna finish this series in one go. It has about 44 million views. However, it might gain some viewers in the future, to shift in the second position.
  • You: – Psycho Thriller full of suspense and drama. It will not let you bore even for a single second. You will love to watch this web series. It has about 40million views on Netflix.
  • Sex Education:– British TV series full of comedy and also teaches about the real meaning of Sex Education. It has two seasons; both have a beautiful story. It has about 40 million views on Netflix.
  • Our Planet:– The actual beauty of our planet is shown in marvelous ways. You will fall in love with this series and it will make you fall in love with nature too. It has about 33 million views on Netflix.
  • Unbelievable: – It is a well-structured web series with good writing and Gripping screenplay. It is based on a rape case and investigation of it. With the Beautiful story it is a must-watch Netflix series. It has about 32 million
  • Dead to Me:– The second season is released a few days ago. Although the first season was watchable and one of the best series of Netflix. Which is defined by its viewers of about
  • When They See Us: – it’s an award-winning show, based on a true story. A must watch web series. The story revolves around 5 teens from Harlem, who got trapped in a nightmare when they were falsely accused of a brutal attack in Central Park. It has about 25million views and this series deserves more for sure.
  • Elite: – it is a Spanish thriller teen drama web series. When three working-class teens enroll in an exclusive private school in Spain, the clash between them and the wealthy student leads to murder. A Must Watch, and its views on Netflix is about

Most Watched Movies on Netflix: –

Here is the list of most-watched movies on Netflix which you should also watch. Although the data of views might get changed as it is 2019 data. 

  • Bird Box :-  80 million
  • Murder Mystery: – 73 Million
  • Triple Frontier: –  52 million
  • The Perfect Date: – 48 million
  • Tall Girl: – 41 million
  • The Highwaymen: – 40 million
  • Secret Obsession: –  40 million
  • Always Be My Maybe: –  32 million.
  • Otherhood: –  29 million
  • Fyre: – 20 million

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