Marvel Movies in Order | All 23 Best Collection with Upcoming List

Are you a true marvel fan? Let me check, did you watched all the marvel movies in order? did you watched all the listed movie? And excited to watch upcoming too? If yes then great congrats you a true marvel fans.

If not then, it’s not too let. You get a plus point that we arranged all the marvel movies in sequence. So, now you don’t have to watch randomly. Just make a to-do list and start ticking. Just kidding, no need to make to-do, you can watch without making the list. Because you will never forget once you watched.

But why watching only once? Let me tell you a little secret, I had watched all these movies almost twice or a few of them are like 5-10 times repeated watching. For example, I had watched the infinity war for 9 to 10time, just to see the entry scene of thor.  Or iron man sections from all avengers series.

Many memories had built from this marvel universe.

If you had followed all these series you must have cried at the last End Game scene. Even today I get goosebumps of thinking about those scenes.

So, here we are with a complete list of marvel universe.

Where to watch them?

If you are worried about where to watch them. Here are a few options you can opt where you can easily access all these movies. You can find them on Amazon, iTunes or most of them can be easily available on Disney+ channels.

Disney+ has plenty of other MCU related TV series which you can enjoy too. Few movies like Spider-Man and Hulk are owned by Sony so, currently, they can not be available to Disney+. Not now, I hope you can get all these in one place soon.

Marvel Movies in Order

1. Iron Man 2008

marvel movies in order
marvel movies in order | Iron Man

Marvel stabilized their superhero series with our most favorite Tony Stark.

It all started when the brilliant engineer and weapon manufacturers got captured by the enemy. Where he developed his suits and freed himself. Now his marvelous journey begins.

2. Incredible Hulk 2008

marvel movies in order
marvel movies in order | Hulk

If you had watched it in order then you must notice the change in actor of Hulk in this part Ed Norton has played the role of Hulk. Which got released by Mark Ruffalo for the whole series. But we loved it also, although many try to ignore this one but a true marvel fan will watch it.

3. Iron man 2 2010

marvel movies in order

As Tony Stark disclose his secret about being Iron Man, he invited many enemies. These dangerous foes were like arms dealer Justin Hammer and Russian nemesis Whiplash. In this movie we see Black widow for the first time.

4. Thor 2011

marvel movies
marvel movies in order | Thor

The god of thunder has been introduced by this movie. Due to his silly mistake he gets banished from the Asgard where we used to be a god. But now he is leaving a normal life on Earth. Now he face the same foes on his new hone also and he must learn to save it from them.

5. Captain America- The First Avenger 2011

marvel cinema
marvel movies in order | Captain America

We had seen the conversion of the small boy into Captain America – With the help of little serum which makes him faster and stronger. How he help in Word war 2 and many things started from this series.

6. The Avengers 2012

After the introduction of Iron man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America. The stage was ready to put them together and present something great and super excited things.

And the same thing happened they just banged the screen. When New York needs to save form extra-terrestrial threats, they joined and save earth from the big threat.

7. Iron Man 3  2013

After savings earth from extra-terrestrial threat, Iron man series continued for his third installment.

Where Tony Stark faces an enemy named “The Mandarin”. Many new things happens which you will see if you watch or you might have seen.

8. Thor- The dark world 2013

Here we had seen how Loki and thor fight together to defeat his enemy.

In this movie Thor fight with Malekith the Dark Elf. The brothers bond is full of excitement and makes you fall in love with this Movie.

9. Captain America- The Winter Soldier 2014

The second installment of Captain America. Where he and his few friends work to expose a plot at S.H.I.L.D., which established a new connection for the rest of the series.

10. Guardians of the Galaxy 2014

marvel movies list
marvel movies in order | Guardian of Galaxy

A group of intergalactic misfits come together to fight with a common enemy. This movie also established has many new connections for the rest of the series. Their leader Peter Quil ( aka Star-Lord) and his team fight to save some precious stone from the wrong hand. The characters are awesome and entertain you a lot during the full movie.

11. Avengers – Age of Ultron 2015

A mistake happened by Tony Stark ( oops) and now all earth’s Mightiest Heroes need to band together. They fight with an A.I. which got wrong programmed and he is in a way to destroy the earth.

12. Ant-Man 2015

marvel movies in order | Ant Man

New character introduce by Marvel Series. A thief becomes Ant-Man by mistake and he accepted his role as a superhero after few events. He fight with full bravery and his comics timing will also amuse you. Lovely movie from the Marvel.

13. Captain America: Civil War 2016

Aaaahhh one of the best movies from this series. Many people have wondered what happens when they fight among themselves.

And MCU fulfill their Desire by making this film. The face-off between Iron man with Captain America will surely make you jump from your seat.

14. Dr. strange 2016

marvel movie
marvel movies in order | Doctor Strange

A person suffering from lots of pain, gets his cure by the East country medication process. Then the sequence of action started from neurosurgeon into a mystical Sorcerer Supreme on Earth who possesses Time stone.

15. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 2017

This series makes everyone fall in love with cute little Groot. The return of Star-Lord and his team with a new story and a new sequence of connections.

16. Spider-Man: Homecoming 2017

marvel movies in order | Spider Man

Many spider movies we had watched before this one. But the first official part of MCU is spider man Homecoming. We already have seen his debut in Civil War and I’m sure you all must have remembered his fight with Captain America (just wow). Now this movie is wholly focused around spider man.


17. Thor- Ragnarok 2017

God of thunder meets her sister who is thirsty for the death of his whole family. We had seen, The Hammer broked in just a second.

Thor got stuck in unknown Plante where he found his buddy Hulk! Yeah you must be remembering their fight sequence. If not watch it then what are you waiting for ? Go watch it. I can guarantee that you will enjoy this movie.

18. Black Panther 2018

black panther
marvel movies in order | Black Panther

One of the most earning movie of MCU till then. Yes, now data has changed I know!. But this movie is about the most advanced city Wakanda and the fight for the throne. Many relations established by the end, for further series.

19. Avengers:- Infinity War 2018

We meet the greatest will of MCU, Thanos. This lead, all the superheroes of MCU stand together to fight with this. But, in the end something unwanted happens and left us with many questions.

20. Aunt Man and the Wasps 2018

The second part of Ant-Man, where MCU introduces a new superhero Wasp. Their adventures of the Quantum Realm, and stabilized many connections with Infinity War.

21. Captain Marvel 2019

captain marvel
marvel movies in order | Captain Marvel

 I believe that this movie released only for the introduction of Captain Marvel in End games. The story was good and entertaining.

There is also suspense story where Brie Larsen came to understand things around them and fights with Aliens.

22. Avenger: – End Game 2019

They unite and fight against Thanos and bring back those who were swept by Thanos. Everyone cried at the end although the ending was positive. The line ” love u 3000″ stabilized in our minds.

23. Spider-Man: Far From Home

This movie was totally dedicated to the Iron Man. From start to end it will keep reminding you about his legacy.

Beautiful movie full of comedy and action. The use of technology again remind you about Tony Stark. Just watch it, I’m sure you will love it.

Upcoming Movies Of MCU

1. Black Widow

They are going to be on the floor in May. But due to COVID-19 they have postponed the release date. In this movie we will finally get to see Natasha Romanoff solo movie.

This is the opening movie of Marvel’s “Phase 4”. We are going to see many excited movie from marvel in this series.

2. Eternals


After Black Widow we soon get to see this movie. Which have a start like Angelina Jolie, Richard Madden, Salma Hayek, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, Gemma Chan, Don Lee, and Kit Harington?

They show the race of super-hero who had sent to save the earth. This will release on Feb 2021.

3. Shang Chi and the Legend of ten rings

movies of marvel

It has stars like Simu Liu, Awkwafina, and Tony Leung, which is set to e released on May 2021. This might be an unarmed combat movie. So, be ready to enjoy some great fighting sequence.

Not much has been announced by the MCU. We will keep updating as news will come. So, be with us.

4. Untitled Spider-Man

spider man

Sony and Marvel have decided to put another chapter with Tom Holland. They didn’t announced the title yet, but it is quite clear that this is going to release around July 2021.

5. Doctor Strange in Multiverse of madness

doctor strange

This is a news that Wanda maximoff will join Doctor strange in this movie. This movie will be directed by Sam Rimi who directed the spider man. This will show how all these movies are connected. It will be treat to watch this movie. This might will release in November 2021.

6. Thor Love and Thunder

thor love and thunder

Most awaited film for me. Yes, I just love his action and voice. I’m excited to watch how he will come back. At End Game Thor has joined Guardian of the Galaxy team. Let’s hope we will see them entertaining us together.

There is a special rumor that Jane Foster will get to lift the hammer and she will serve as Lady thor. It seems exciting, just hold your thoughts anything can happen. Just be with us we will keep updating.

7. Black Panther 2

black panther

It is not official yet by the MCU. But many belives that the king of Wakanda will return and we will get to see many more new things. Let’s wait for official announcements.

8. Captain Marvel 2

captain marvel 2

This confirms that she will feature in the second series of Captain Marvel. But this is not going to release till 2022. So, it’s a long wait till then keep watching again and again. As it is Marvel’s they never get old.