Watched Raktanchal? Select other crime web series you might like | 7 Best collection

Raktanchal is crime web series based on true events. If you loved it, then you must like other web series based on crime thrill. So, stay tune with us and select your next playlist. 


Raktanchal is MX player original crime web series based on true events. It is a gritty and engaging crime drama that just becomes interesting per episode. You get to see the different faces of politics and their influence on the gangster. It chronicles a bloody rivalry between Waseem Khan (Nikitin Dheer) and Vijay Singh (Kranti Prakash Jha).

crime web series
crime web series

Both of the actor has done justice to their roles. There are many supporting cast whose works are just attractive like Vijay Singh brother, Pujari Singh and Sanki.

They also show the transformation of Vijay from a lanky boy and an IAS aspirant boy to becoming a gangster.

It is a well written show with full of twist. They also added a couple of songs which could have been avoided as we didn’t usually see it in such tv series.

The show’s overall tone remains dark and unpredictable. You will find very few dull moments as the story is great and entertaining. They are able to create a 1980s scene with costumes and real locations, which seems perfect with the story.

Watch this crime web series for free of cost on MX Player. 

If you loved raktanchal then, hold on I have a few other crime web series suggestions too. I think you might have watched them or planning to watch them. Just follow along and select your next playlist.

Web Series Like Raktanchal

7 Best  crime web series

1. Mirzapur

best indian web series

Mirzapur is one of my personal favorite crime web series on Amazon Prime. They had shown each and everything is just awesome ways.

Every actor doesn’t just play their role but they live them and give their 101% on the screen. Pankaj Tripathi has played a gangster role of Kalin Bhatia or king of Mirzapur.

It is also the story of how two young boys nervously and unwillingly enter the underworld. Kaleen bhaiya took his guns and drugs business to the next level. With bablu bhaiya’s  brain and guddu’s bhaiya loyalty.

This show also has shown how ignorance of own son leads to put the whole situation in the wrong way. Many things have happened and I’ll not ruin it for you. so just go and watch it, I’m sure you will love this series and will finish it in one go.

2. Breath

crime web series

Breath is again one of the best Amazon prime crime  web series with lots of thriller. The series will leave you with the question that “At what extent you can go to save your loved ones” which is beautifully shown in the series.

Yes, you read it write, this web series shown the fight of father for his son’s life. But the story is not just simple, it has a huge twist and turns. The way Denzel turns into a crime field for his son’s life will put you in deep thoughts.

You also get to see the cat and mouse chase between a cop (Amit Sadh) and Denzel (R. Madhvan). The cop has its family issues and due to that is is 24×7 high on alcohol.

Will Denzel able to save his son? Will Kabir (as a cop) able to solve his family issues? What will happen in this chase and who will win?

Lots of questions will be answered just after watching this series. And I’ll say that you will just love the way it ends.

The writing of the story is awesome with lots of suspense and thrills. Each scene of this crime series will hold you up and will not let you go till the end.

3. Delhi Crime

best indian web series

Delhi crime is based on a real event on the Delhi Nirbhaya rape case. This series is presented by Netflix. This show has shown some great detailing and deep research on the investigation done by the police.

You get to watch the different faces of the police. Their works and trouble faced by them during the investigation are clearly shown excellently.

The well-written series with great detailing and with almost no dull moments. You can just feel this series while watching. Director and actors had done a great job.

Director had put the feeling of anger, sadness, and passion on the screen. You will surely find this series worth watching. Let us know in the comment how you feel after watching this series.

4. Jamtara

web series

Jamtara is an Indian crime drama thrill web series presented by Netflix. This series revolves around phone call scams from Jamtara a city in Jharkhand.

This not only show how they fool people but also shows their life. Yes, how teen-age boys are doing these high-level scams are shown in great detail. Their tactics and innovative ways to scam people are shown in a perfect way.

This show also covers the fight of cops to end this scan along with how few cops are too indulge in this crime.

 why they do and how every people of Jamtara supports them in their work. It also showed political influence on their work which help them to keep safe from the police.

You get to see the detailing of these scams and lesion to stay safe from them too. So, watch it and I’m sure you will like this series.

5. Crime Justice

crimenal justice web series

This series inspired by the ‘British’ series and presented on Hotstar. This is the story of cab driver and passenger, many uncertain things happened between them which leads to murder.

The cab driver is accused of murder, but is he a criminal? For, that you have to watch the series which is available on Hotstar.

This is a well-written series, which not only covers thrill. But also shown how the life of a person changes in Jail.

You get to watch some brilliant actors like Pankaj Tripathi, Vikrant Massey, Jackie shroff and many others. Everyone has justified their roles and you will not feel leggy at any scene.

6. Inside Edge

web series

Inside edge is crime web series on Amazon prime. It is based on the Indian premier league and their political connection.

Many things had been covered by them in the 2 seasons, like fixing, drug, sex, and life of cricketers. This series have shown that cricket is a game of money and politics. It is not handled by coach or any player but it runs on the fingers of politicians.

Every actor has given their best and you will not feel bored even for one second during this series. Its third season is going to release soon and hopes are high that it will be brilliant too like the other two seasons.

7. Hostages

crime web series

This series is an adaptation of Israel series of the same name, presented on Hotstar. This series revolves around the life of Dr. Mira Anand ( Tisca Chopra). She is a surgeon who lives with her family which has some internal issues too.

One day she was appointed to operate on a minister. But the twist comes when her family becomes hostage just one night before the operation. The hostage was taken under SP Prithvi Singh (Ronit Roy).

But what is the reason behind the hostage? And this question will be answered at the end of the series.

The show becomes a little tiresome in between because of its complex plot. But if you are looking for a crime thriller then you can go with this it will be a good choice.